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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Welcome to Yamato Japanese Restaurant's First Website!

Hello visitors!

Welcome to Yamato's first ever website!
As you might have already known, we are a small cozy restaurant serving authentic japanese cuisine. Our renowed chef, Norihiro Miyake hails all the way from Tokyo, Japan and brings with him over 40 years of experience in the world of fine Japanese cuisine. We try to remain as authentic as possible to the roots of Japanese cuisine while delivering the best quality of food for customers to enjoy. Our service is friendly, unpretentious and accomodating and we hope you find this website informative and maybe stop by our restaurant for a bite :)

Take good care,

Yamato Management



  • I've been to almost all of the Japanese restaurants in the greater Ann Arbor area, and I'll try every place once, but Yamato is the only one I go to for sushi here. The chef's culinary pride is evident in his selection and presentation of the fish and his attention to detail. Many of the other restaurants in town focus more on the flashy ambiance and on pretention than on the authenticity of the dishes (and, as the website claims, many of them aren't operated by a Japanese chef/owner). After eating at the other places, I had completely forgotten what real unagi (broiled eel) tasted like until I had Yamato's perfectly well-broiled eel; while at most other places you can taste only the sauce that's drenching the eel,at Yamato you can appreciate the intrinsic flavor of the unagi gently enveloped by a smokey overtone. Even the basic maguro is entirely distinct--everything from the softer mouthfeel to the natural sweetness of the fish, compared to the frankly bland tuna of other places.

    Yamato is best if you're someone serious about appreciating fresh fish prepared by an authentic chef. If you do go to Yamato, savor the fish slowly, and ask for recommendations for the best thing to order that day.

    By Anonymous Roy Esaki, at 7:48 PM  

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